City Of Macclenny
Mosquito Control Program

The city uses a mobile spraying system to reduce the mosquito population within the city limits. The city also uses a hormone based treatment for standing water in ponds, streams, and ditches that prevents mosquito larvae from becoming adults. Spraying normally occurs during the warmer part of our seasons when mosquitoes become active. The spraying schedule is as follows:

Mondays - North of Macclenny Ave (Hwy 90)
Tuesdays - South of Macclenny Ave (Hwy 90)
Wednesday - North of Macclenny Ave (Hwy 90)
Thursdays - South of Macclenny Ave (Hwy 90)

*Note: Spraying times generally begin around
7:00pm, but will be adjusted based on the actual
time that dusk will occur. Other factors that may
change spraying times will depend on weather
conditions and traffic conditions.